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Welcome to the Lotus Institute, Southport

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Breast Surgery

The Lotus Institute offers various breast surgery options to help patients achieve their desired result. We also offer male breast reduction, gynaecomastia, for excess breast tissue and fat.

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Body Procedures

At the Lotus Institute we understand that having a better body shape may help you to look and feel your best. We undertake a variety of body procedures, including body contouring.

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Face Procedures

Patients undergo facial procedures to improve certain aspects of their face. Their reasons for doing so may fall under either cosmetic or reconstructive categories.

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The perfect blend of creativity, consistency & care

All plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery is performed by our qualified Plastic Surgeons Dr Peter Widdowson and Dr Drew Cronin with extensive experience in cosmetic & plastic procedures, assisted by a highly skilled team of friendly nursing and patient care staff.

As a non-surgical option, The Lotus Institute has a highly regarded and professional aesthetic injecting department offering clients softening, volumising and enhancement of the tissues – especially of the face – using a variety of injectable products.

Our nurses/injectors Patricia Hampson and Marie Steele have more than 26 years combined experience in this highly skilled area.

At The Lotus Institute we also offer IPL & Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Dermapen skin microneedling, specialised facial therapies and skin care products.

You’ll find the service provided by our support staff is second to none. Our patients all receive personalised care throughout their procedure and recuperation period.

When you choose The Lotus Institute for your surgery, you’re not just choosing an experienced clinic; You’re choosing a team who truly cares about your entire transformative experience. Be empowered to uncover the best version of you in a safe, understanding environment where your needs are prioritised. We strive to make every patient happy with their outcome.

Its all part of the Lotus experience.

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“Our service is discreet and our environment is totally relaxing.
Some even say we’re more like a five-star resort than a clinic.”

Our Highly Experienced Surgeons

The perfect blend of creativity, consistency & care

What sets us apart at The Lotus Institute, Southport, is our highly trained and exceptional surgical, nursing and patient care staff. The team is led by one of Australia’s foremost plastic surgeons.

Meet The Surgeons

Dr Peter Widdowson

Plastic Surgeon MB, ChB (Otago), FRACS (Plastic)

Dr Drew Cronin

B.Biomed Sci, MBBS, FRACS (Plast)

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Carolyn TrimbleCarolyn Trimble
23:37 29 Nov 21
Brook Grady at Lotus is the best .. very caring & knowledgeable so helpful with my skin problems caused by other clinics Professional & results driven
Jacki PrinceJacki Prince
13:09 30 Sep 21
I had a necklift , miface and my upper eyelids done with Dr Widdowson . I am beyond thrilled with my results !The most beautiful , natural result .I was not wanting to change my looks but rather take a few years off and restore myself to what I was USED to seeing in the mirror for all my life.I was in 2 minds about doing my eyelids as they actually were not that bad , but so so glad I did end up doing them. It made an enormous difference to my face.I honestly can not recommend The Magician ( my name for Dr Widdowson ) because he achieved exactly the result I had hoped for .The surgery took about 4 hours and I went home after it. The recovery was not painful , bruising and swelling so minimal and the care from the whole staff at Lotus has been amazing . I’m now looking at booking a breast reduction in the next 12 months .I honestly have to say to anyone thinking of going down this path, you HAVE to go to The Magician that is Dr Widdowson . I wish I could post pics here so u could actually see what he did for me, making me feel like myself again . He is AMAZING !!!
Tracey LeeTracey Lee
03:24 28 Sep 21
Dermapen Skin Needling & IPL combined treatments. I saw amazing results even after just one treatment. Brooke is the ultimate professional in what she does. Her attention to detail is second to none & she treats my skin as if it were her own. She is results driven & wants to see improvements to your skin just as much as you do. If you want smoother, healthier, improved skin tone & texture, then I highly recommend these treatments and highly recommend Brooke 🙂
Nadine PhilpNadine Philp
03:31 06 Aug 21
I picked the perfect surgeon! I could not have asked for a better experience or a better team to share this journey with. I am super happy with my results to-date, they truly speak for themselves. I was very nervous about my first consultation with Dr Drew Cronin as I have had many over the years and have come away feeling worse about myself and the recommended procedures. I felt confident and supported by Dr Cronin and trusted that he was the one for me. Dr Cronin changed everything. I am so thankful and so happy for what Drew and his team have worked in achieving for me. You will find and experience the difference between a good surgeon and a great surgeon when you meet Drew and his team.
Rose WalshRose Walsh
03:04 14 Jan 21
After meeting with Dr Drew Cronin for the first time, I was so relaxed and felt totally comfortable with him doing my surgery. He has such a calming presence and a gentle nature about him, it was just so easy to discuss my concerns with him. He is genuinely an amazing surgeon and I have nothing but praise for him and his surgical skills.At 60 I have to say I was more than excited and unbelievably ecstatic with my results after my recent surgery and I cannot even begin to thank him for what he has done for me! I love how I feel about myself again! I would absolutely recommend Dr Cronin to anyone who is thinking about surgery, you will not be disappointed, he truly is amazing!☺️☺️

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