Welcome to The Lotus Institute, Gold Coast

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Welcome to the Lotus Institute, Gold Coast

Leaders in cosmetic, plastic and laser surgery
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Breast Surgery

The Lotus Institute offers various breast surgery options to help patients achieve their desired result. We also offer male breast reduction, gynaecomastia, for excess breast tissue and fat.

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Body Procedures

At the Lotus Institute we understand that having a better body shape may help you to look and feel your best. We undertake a variety of body procedures, including body contouring.

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Face Procedures

Patients undergo facial procedures to improve certain aspects of their face. Their reasons for doing so may fall under either cosmetic or reconstructive categories.

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The perfect blend of creativity, consistency & care

All plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery is performed by our qualified Plastic Surgeons Dr Peter Widdowson and Dr Drew Cronin with extensive experience in cosmetic & plastic procedures, assisted by a highly skilled team of friendly nursing and patient care staff.

As a non-surgical option, The Lotus Institute has a highly regarded and professional aesthetic injecting department offering clients softening, volumising and enhancement of the tissues – especially of the face – using a variety of injectable products.

Our nurses/injectors Patricia Hampson and Marie Steele have more than 26 years combined experience in this highly skilled area.

At The Lotus Institute we also offer IPL & Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Dermapen skin microneedling, specialised facial therapies and skin care products.

You’ll find the service provided by our support staff is second to none. Our patients all receive personalised care throughout their procedure and recuperation period.

When you choose The Lotus Institute for your surgery, you’re not just choosing an experienced clinic; You’re choosing a team who truly cares about your entire transformative experience. Be empowered to uncover the best version of you in a safe, understanding environment where your needs are prioritised. We strive to make every patient happy with their outcome.

Its all part of the Lotus experience.

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“Our service is discreet and our environment is totally relaxing.
Some even say we’re more like a five-star resort than a clinic.”

Our Highly Experienced Surgeons

The perfect blend of creativity, consistency & care

What sets us apart at The Lotus Institute, Southport, is our highly trained and exceptional surgical, nursing and patient care staff. The team is led by one of Australia’s foremost plastic surgeons.

Meet The Surgeons

Dr Peter Widdowson

Plastic Surgeon MB, ChB (Otago), FRACS (Plastic)

Dr Drew Cronin

B.Biomed Sci, MBBS, FRACS (Plast)

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