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Surgical Procedures Gold Coast

All plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery is performed by our qualified Plastic Surgeon Dr Peter Widdowson with extensive experience in cosmetic, plastic reconstructive and laser procedures, assisted by a highly skilled team of friendly nursing and patient care staff.

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Breast Surgery

The Lotus Institute offers various breast surgery options to help patients achieve their desired result. We also offer male breast reduction, gynaecomastia, for excess breast tissue and fat.

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Body Procedures

At The Lotus Institute we understand that having a better body shape may help you to look and feel your best. We undertake a variety of body procedures, including body contouring.

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Face Procedures

Patients undergo facial procedures to improve certain aspects of their face. Their reasons for doing so may fall under either cosmetic or reconstructive categories.

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Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery Gold Coast

The Lotus Institute Difference

The results that can be achieved by plastic, cosmetic and laser surgery are truly remarkable and extend far beyond anything that non-surgical procedures can achieve.

But the decision to undergo surgery should never be treated lightly, as all surgical procedures come with varying degrees of risk and recovery time associated with them.

Here at The Lotus Institute we take the time to give each of our patients all the information they need to make a fully informed decision to move forward with surgery. Then any concerns they have are discussed openly and honestly.

We also listen to our patients’ expectations to ensure that these can be met by surgery, and if they cannot, we help them set more realistic goals.

We define surgical procedures as those that need to be performed by a doctor using anaesthetic.

Proud member of Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon?

The term ‘surgeon’ can often be used incorrectly, and could possibly mislead patients and put them at risk. According to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), “cosmetic surgeon” is a made-up title and not a an actual accredited title in the field of surgery. Practitioners who are not registered surgeons often misrepresent themselves as surgeons using a non-AHPRA accredited title. When doctors use fabricated titles, they are deliberately withholding the truth of their accreditation and qualifications from patients. Only plastic surgeons are registered as specialists in plastic surgery, with the qualifications, experience and accreditation.

Why should I choose an ASAPS member?

The Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) is the leading body for plastic surgeons in Australia and New Zealand whose focus is aesthetic plastic surgery. ASAPS membership is exclusively composed of registered specialist plastic surgeons with world-class expertise in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine. An ASAPS member is a highly qualified, experienced and ethical registered specialist plastic surgeon specialising in cosmetic excellence. ASAPS represents the highest standards of cosmetic excellence, so you can be confident that when you choose an ASAPS member that you are choosing the best possible outcomes from practitioners who are appropriately qualified to be performing cosmetic surgery.

What are the risks associated with getting a surgical procedure done by a doctor who is not a registered surgeon?

Being well-informed will help you make the best and safest choice. ASAPS encourages all patients to understand the difference between cosmetic surgery performed by a specialist plastic surgeon registered as a surgeon by the medical board and a doctor or nurse who is not. Knowing this can help you make the right choice to protect your health or your life. Making the right choice has a huge impact on the outcomes of a procedure. When you choose an ASAPS member, you know you are selecting a highly qualified, registered specialist plastic surgeon.

What are the risks associated with getting a surgical procedure done by a non-surgeon?

In Australia and New Zealand, a surgeon is understood to indicate a person with specialist, accredited surgical training in addition to their basic medical degree. Yet, some medical graduates with no specialist, surgical qualifications, call themselves Cosmetic Surgeons. Some of these self-described Cosmetic Surgeons include individuals who hold only elementary medical degrees. In comparison, a Specialist Plastic Surgeon undergoes an additional 8 to 12 years of surgical training in addition to their basic medical degree. It is important for people to be aware that the mandatory qualification for Surgeons in Australia and New Zealand is to be a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS).

ASAPS members are on the Specialist Register of Plastic Surgeons maintained by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) or the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ). You can always check whether a surgeon is on the Specialist Register by contacting either of these registration bodies.

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