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Tummy Tuck

How much pain will I experience?

There will be some bruising and a moderate amount of pain from sore muscles (similar to that of a caesarean). It can take seven to ten days to gain full mobility because of the tightness and pain.

How long will it take to recover?

Usually between two and three weeks is required off work, with the first couple of days spent in a semi-sitting position in hospital to take tension off the cut. Strenuous activities, such as gym work or heavy lifting, are out for at least six weeks.

Will I be left with a very obvious scar on my tummy?

The scar is low down on the abdomen, it can generally, but not always, be hidden by underwear or a swimming costume. Sometimes large scars appear to worsen within the first six months of healing, and may take nine to twelve months to become flatter and normal in colour. Some patients heal with raised, red scars (sometimes called keloid scars) and these will take longer to settle. Sometimes several years.

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