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Body Contouring

How much scarring can I expect?

This procedure has been such an advance in surgery because it can alter the body contour significantly with minimal scarring. Generally there is one incision approximately 1cm long for each area treated. Given time the scars will fade and as far as possible the tiny skin incisions are placed as far as possible in the natural body areas.

Are the results permanent?

The effects of Liposuction are permanent. This procedure sculptures away the number of fat cells from a particular region and the remaining fat cells do not multiply to take their place. Consequently once the operation has been performed to change the body shape the proportion remains the same even if there is weight gain subsequently.

Gaining weight however after surgery may adversely affect the result. If you do gain weight; you’ll tend to gain it more uniformly and not just at the former bulges.

How long will the bruising last?

The bruising usually starts to settle after a week and is fading well by two weeks. It may, however, take six weeks for all the bruising to resolve. When the figure fault is sculptured away, the fullness in the area is temporarily replaced by swelling which resolves slowly. It is understandable therefore that the patient may underestimate the improvement in the first few weeks and wonder if the operation has been successful. Individuals vary greatly, but the average healing time for skin and soft tissue is about 3 months, with subtle improvements occurring over 6-12 months.

Will there be much pain?

The amount of pain felt varies from individual to individual, depending on one’s pain threshold. Generally, areas treated with Liposuction are tender to pressure but there is usually no excruciating pain when resting in bed.

There may be a feeling of stiffness when moving about but most of the pain subsides after a few days. It is not a particularly painful operation as the muscles are not disturbed except when suction is performed on large areas of the abdomen. It is then sometimes painful to sit up for the first few days.

Tummy Tuck

How much pain will I experience?

There will be some bruising and a moderate amount of pain from sore muscles (similar to that of a caesarean). It can take seven to ten days to gain full mobility because of the tightness and pain.

How long will it take to recover?

Usually between two and three weeks is required off work, with the first couple of days spent in a semi-sitting position in hospital to take tension off the cut. Strenuous activities, such as gym work or heavy lifting, are out for at least six weeks.

I have a fat stomach. Do I need a liposuction or a tummy tuck?

Liposuction will only help localised fat deposits in cases where not too much extra skin is present, and skin is elastic enough to contract. A tummy tuck is more suitable if the abdominal wall has stretched, leaving a loose fold of excess skin and fat, plus some muscle weakness associated with a potbelly. Your surgeon will advise which procedure, or a combination of the two, will produce optimum results.

Will I be left with a very obvious scar on my tummy?

The scar is low down on the abdomen, it can generally, but not always, be hidden by underwear or a swimming costume. Sometimes large scars appear to worsen within the first six months of healing, and may take nine to twelve months to become flatter and normal in colour. Some patients heal with raised, red scars (sometimes called keloid scars) and these will take longer to settle. Sometimes several years.

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