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ear surgery

Ear Surgery

Ear surgery, or otoplasty, reshapes the ear, reducing the amount by which they protrude. There are several reasons why this might occur, the first of which is an over enlargement of the back of the ear where it attaches to the head. This enlargement pushes the ear away from the skull.

What is a Ear Surgery?
The second common problem is a lack of folding along the top of the ear. This causes the upper portion of the ear to be abnormally tilted out from the side of the head.

Ear surgery is most commonly performed as a day surgical procedure and you are not required to enter hospital as a general admission. However, fasting which means complete abstinence from food and fluids of all types, should occur for approximately six hours prior to your theatre time.

The procedure usually takes approximately one hour.

In children up to the age of 16 or 17 the surgery is invariably done under general anaesthetic. In older patients local anaesthetic can be used.

The incision is usually placed behind the ear in the fold either adjacent to the skull or on the back of the ear itself. Additional scars may be necessary on the front of the ear in the fold. These however, will be discussed with you if they are necessary.

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