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Tummy Tuck

Is your once-tight tummy now loose or sagging? Have your abdominal muscles separated or become weak due to pregnancy or significant weight loss? Do you feel self-conscious with your tummy’s appearance?

A cosmetic procedure will help to tighten up a flabby, loose, or overhanging tummy which may have come about due to a number of reasons – genetics, pregnancy, weight loss, or just over time. The procedure can be modified to suit your individual circumstances.

What is a tummy tuck?
A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin tissue and fat from the tummy, as well as to tighten and restore weak or separated abdominal muscles. It is a procedure that aims to give candidates back their once tight tummy.

The surgeon can modify the procedure so you get the tummy tuck that suits your individual circumstances. Some patients may have excess skin that needs to be removed, while others may need their abdomen muscles tightened or restored. Your doctor will talk to you about your specific requirements.

Our clients have shared their tummy tuck before and after photos – clients have consented to share these photos and they have not been altered in any way.

Who would be considered for tummy tuck surgery?
A good candidate for a tummy tuck procedure is any man or woman in good health, who would like to remove excess loose skin from the tummy or tighten their abdominal muscles. Women who have had their abdominal muscles and skin weakened after multiple pregnancies often benefit from the surgery.

How can scars be minimised?
The incisions for the tummy tuck can be made so that they are not noticeable. Many patients want to be able to wear a bikini without visible scarring, so this should be discussed with the surgeon prior to surgery. Typically, scars will fade anywhere from several months to a year.

What is expected after your tummy tuck surgery?
Tummy tuck recovery will involve the use of drains to remove blood and excess fluids, as well as bandages over the incisions. It’s important to follow the strict instructions given by your surgeon for post-operative care to ensure a smooth recovery. The recovery period will take at least six weeks, during which strenuous activity should be avoided.

At the Lotus Institute we offer a complimentary consultation with our nurse/consultant. At this appointment she will discuss preparation for surgery, downtime, aftercare and costs, plus show you pre and post-operative photos.

What are the potential risks associated with this surgery?
Potential risks and complications with tummy tuck surgery include swelling and pain, bruising, numbness, and bleeding. It may take several weeks to months for the soreness and pain to subside completely. There will also be scarring at the incision areas, which will likely fade over time.

Pre-surgery requirements
Before the surgery can be performed, the doctor may want to do a medical evaluation. This may involve tests and a physical exam to ensure candidates are of optimal health. Patients should stop smoking prior to surgery, and may be advised to stop taking certain prescription medications. A healthy, well-balanced diet should be followed.

During your complimentary consultation with one of the Lotus Institute’s nurses/consultants, we will discuss all pre-operation requirements in detail to ensure you are completely prepared for and at ease with the procedure.

How much does a tummy tuck cost?
The price of our plastic surgery services will largely depend on your unique case. Costs includes the surgeon’s fees, as well as all necessary pre- and post-operational care, anaesthetic and theatre fees. Indicative pricing will be discussed upon completion of your initial consultation.

This operation removes sagging skin and excess fat from the middle and lower abdomen.

It is useful for women:

  • after pregnancy (particularly after a caesarean), when the stretched skin and muscles have failed to return to normal
  • for people who have lost large amounts of weight and are left with excess skin: and
  • for those with an excessively protruding abdomen that won’t respond to diet and exercise. This can be a natural result of ageing when skin elasticity and muscle tone are lost.

A ‘Tummy Tuck’ (abdominoplasty) is performed under a general anaesthetic and usually requires 2 nights in hospital. The size of the skin excision and whether the abdominal muscles require tightening usually determines the type of scarring and the position of the scar. In some cases a ‘mini abdominoplasty’ with a small incision is all that is required.


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