Everyone experiences ageing. However, some people experience more changes than others. One of the most common signs of ageing is the loosening of the skin around the neck and face, producing a less youthful appearance.

There are many cosmetic procedures  available, including face and neck lift surgery, which can lessen the telltale signs of natural ageing. How can a face and neck lift be of benefit? 

1. Delays Early Signs of Ageing

In the later years, the skin may become loose. People are all too familiar with this problem as it becomes more visible with age progression. If a person  starts to experience this problem and it is becoming bothersome to them, a facelift might be a procedure worth pursuing.

During a face lift, the skin around the neck and face are tightened. Often surgeons use different techniques for the desired outcome for their patient. 

2. Provides Dramatic Results

A face and neck lift can offer dramatic results. The procedure will address the common problems of sagging skin. The process will also address stubborn fat deposits, wrinkles, and loose skin in the neck area.

The procedure works to tighten the skin around the neck and face,  looking to rewind the clock.

3. Short Recovery Period

The face and neck lift surgery is a common cosmetic procedure to undergo. The procedure is invasive however the recovery is tolerable with minimal down downtime and immediate results. This can all be dependant on the surgical technique used requiring longer or shorter recovery periods.. 

4. High Success Rate

Surgical face and neck lift surgeries can be a very successful procedure to undertake. Surgeons will look to determine if a patient is the right candidate and make recommendations for the desired outcome of the patient. A non-surgical approach in conjunction with a face and neck lift such as filler or antiwrinkle treatment can also look to be very complimentary. 


Sagging skin on the face and neck area can be addressed by a surgeon if determined a patient is the right candidate for the procedure, 

The Lotus Institute has highly experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeons in this field of cosmetic surgery. They are here to obtain the best results and outcomes possible for their patients. Our social media and website offer an array of before and after images for prospective patients to peruse. If you are interested in a face and neck lift or would like more information contact us to schedule an appointment today!