Body lift surgery after significant weight loss can be life-changing, especially if that weight loss has resulted in excessive skin, folds, and fat deposits. Here are some facts to consider before having body lift surgery: Realistic expectations are key – here are the most common body lift myths to consider before surgery.

Myth 1: Body lift surgery will make me look ten years younger

Truth: Every effort is made to restore the body back to the one that our patients’ once had. Our surgeons make the best recommendations based on a patient’s physical health, lifestyle and  also take into consideration expected surgical goals, expectations and outcomes., 

Myth 2: I will have no scars

Truth: Surgical intervention goes hand in hand with scarring. There are ways to assist scars through the post-operative healing phase. In addition, there are also treatment options available to maximise a good outcome for a scar, everybody heals differently! 

Myth 3: I’ll be able to wear all my favourite clothes right away

Truth: Give it time. Some of our patients’ favourite clothes might not fit immediately after surgery, there will be swelling. The new surgical contouring of the body, however, may mean that patients may not fit their clothes the way that they once did.

Myth 4: Exercise won’t help me with weight loss after body lift surgery

Truth: The list of bodily benefits from exercise is long. . Without exercise, patients’ will likely not lose the weight that they want to lose. With exercise, the results may be much faster.

Myth 5: I won’t have to diet after my body lift surgery

Truth:  Maintaining a healthy diet post-surgery will ensure our patients keep their bodies in its best possible state and look to safeguard surgery results.

Myth 6: I will be able to get right back to my usual activities after only a few weeks

Truth:  Patients are likely to have difficulties getting back to usual activities for a few weeks. Bruises, swelling and tenderness from surgery will require patients to take it easy and we encourage patients not to overexert themselves while in the early healing phases. The more that the body heals, the quicker patients will be able to regain momentum to return to normal daily activities. It takes time and patience to support the body after what is deemed a major and invasive operation.

Myth 7: I won’t have any type of pain following the body lift surgery

Truth: Following surgery, patients may experience muscular aches and pain along with some discomfort. This is to be expected post-surgery,  but, will dissipate quickly as patients recover


Body lift surgery is a very popular surgical procedure, it is designed to remove excess skin, redundant fat and tissue to contour various parts of the body. Typically, body lift patients are men and women who have experienced massive weight loss and desire removal of excess skin and tissue in order to feel confident in their own skin and regain a better quality of life. By learning about body lift myths, patients can make more of an informed decision about whether body lift surgery is right for them.

If you are interested in body lift surgery, make an appointment to see one of our Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons at The Lotus Institute.  We combine superior technologies with first-class care to achieve our goal of excellence in cosmetic, plastic and laser surgery.