Breast Augmentation is still the most commonly performed cosmetic procedure in Australia.  Many women aspire to an increased breast volume, and whilst there are other surgical options available, placement of a silicone breast prosthesis is currently still the option that yields the best, most predictable, and most reproducible results.  However, patients that undergo breast augmentation need to limit physical activity in the weeks after their surgery in order to heal properly and obtain the best result. 

Patients often inquire about when they can start exercising again post-operatively, and how then can optimise their long-term surgical outcome.

Undergoing the Surgery

Staying in shape and recovering quickly starts with the breast augmentation surgery itself. Consider the implant size you desire and discuss with your surgeon how it will relate to your body size and chest dimensions.  Selecting an appropriate sized implant will minimise your risk of complications and extended recovery time.

Where the implant is placed will also impact your recovery time and aesthetic outcome.  Most Plastic Surgeons in Australia will place the implant under the pectoralis muscle, or a variation of this called ‘dual plane’.  This will provide better soft tissue coverage for the breast implant, and a better aesthetic outcome, but can increase the post-operative recovery time.

Dealing with Post-Surgery

Minimising movement of the arms and shoulders for the first few weeks is extremely important. In previous years, surgeons would advise patients to begin aggressive massage of their implants immediately after surgery, moving them around to create what’s termed a ‘mega-pocket’, allowing what were typically smaller, soft silicone implants to move around under the breast tissue.  This technique has largely given way to the ‘hand-in-glove’ dissection performed by most surgeons today, whereby a larger implant, selected to match each individual patient’s shape, size, and desired outcome, is placed into a tight pocket dissected to exactly match the implants dimensions.  Immobilisation allows your body to form scar tissue around the implant, holding it in the ‘perfect’ position long term.

During this time it is important to have assistance around the house.  You may not feel confident driving a car for at least a few days after your surgery.  Forward planning including having meals prepared and frozen, ensuring there’s nothing around the house that needs doing, and booking some time off work post-operatively is crucial.

Going Through Recovery

After around one or two weeks, you can start to introduce a bit of exercise alongside a healthy diet.  Light walks and activities that are a little less strenuous are a good way of staying in shape, and maintaining sanity.  Nothing that leads to sweating though, as the surgical wounds can still become infected at this point in your recovery.

Patients can take a bit more liberty with their physical activity three to four weeks after the surgery. Running, swimming, and other stressful endeavours are off the table, but doctors may recommend aerobics and other exercise routines instead. Focus more on the lower body to allow the chest to heal further. 

Returning to the Norm

At around 6 weeks post-operatively you should be able to restart your regular exercise regime.  By this stage your wounds should be healed and you will be comfortable using your upper body. Be sure to gradually ease into upper body weights and ensure that exercises are comfortable and that you recover well before increasing resistance.

It can be exciting to have your chest fully healed as you return back to more upper body workouts again. Just be sure to get the approval of a medical professional before you throw yourself into the gym and other endeavours. When all that’s said and done, you can continue working on and maintaining your shape.


Breast augmentation can be a great boost to your physique and improve your self-esteem. However, it’s important to stay safe and be a little cautious while enhancing your figure. Nothing should ever be at the expense of your well-being, after all.

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