Becoming a mum is one of life’s most rewarding experiences.

However for many, the cost of motherhood is the dreaded ‘mum bod’ – a result of the effects on the body of pregnancy and breast-feeding.  Fortunately, the mummy makeover procedure addresses both of these areas of concern.

Many mum’s simply don’t ‘bounce back’ from the stretch that baby inflicts on the abdomen during pregnancy.  Stretch marks, overhanging redundant skin, and separation of the rectus muscles are all sequelae of pregnancy that can’t be corrected by diet or exercise.  An abdominoplasty procedure is able to repair the muscle divarication, remove stretch marks, tighten the excess skin and re-create the natural contour of the middle and lower abdomen.

The process of lactation leads to a significant increase in breast tissue for breastfeeding mums.  Unfortunately, after breastfeeding ends, the breast tissue deflates again, and the stretched skin can drop on the chest wall, leading to breast ptosis.  In cases of mild deflation and breast ptosis, this can be corrected with insertion of a breast implant alone.  For more severe cases, an implant may be combined with a breast lift in order to restore a youthful, aesthetic breast.

The combination of an abdominoplasty and augmentation or augmentation/mastopexy is the single most powerful procedure for improving the aesthetics of the entire body post pregnancy and breastfeeding.  It also carries the added benefit of recovering from these two procedures concurrently.  Whilst everyone recovers differently, most patients can expect to spend around two nights in hospital afterwards, and be fully recovered and back. To exercise by around the 6 week mark.

Before undergoing a mummy makeover procedure, patients should be back to their goal weight, have ceased breastfeeding for at least three months, have quit smoking, and have optimised any existing medical conditions.

To discuss if a mummy makeover is right for you, book a consultation with Specialist Plastic Surgeons Drew Cronin or Peter Widdowson at The Lotus Institute on (07) 55094488.