Finer Face Microcurrent Non Surgical Face Lifting Unit

What is a Surgical Facelift?

A non- surgical facelift is exercising and lifting the facial muscles by using an electrical current into the skin.

The process involves assessing your individual facial muscles needs and also your Skin’s needs.

Our Beauty Therapist Vikki,  strives for the best possible results for our clients by introducing her 5 step Treatment.





Our Beauty therapist , Vikki, will go through and evaluate all the muscles on your face. Observing, the volume of each area and how tight or loose the muscle has become.


Running through the muscles again this time using the micro current level needed for your skin. The face is tightened and tone through the electrical impulses.

Step (3) ION

Step 3 is using a Serum that is targeted at Deep Line softening. Vikki will also Target Pigmentation/Acne for example at this stage ( if this is your individual skin problems).


During this stage of Fine line Depletion, Vikki zones in on your problem areas of fine lines. Stimulating Collagen in theses areas result in the face plumping up.


The last step is the exfoliation of the dead skin cells, releasing from the new cells. At the end  this Treatment Vikki refines your pore’s trapping the 2 serum’s into the skin for optimum results!

For AMAZING before and after phots from this treatment follow the link bellow;