As the 2022 Clean Beauty award winner, Revive7 Science is committed to creating products that are scientifically proven, contain natural, clean ingredients with no negative side-effects, and are gentle enough for sensitive skin. 

What is in the  Revive 7 Lash and Brow Serum?

Revive7 Science has selected ingredients that supply nutrients and protein to the hair, hair follicles, and skin. These nutrients promote healthier, stronger hair, reducing breakage, and increasing volume.

Unlike other lower-quality eyelash growth serums, Revive7 does NOT contain Prostaglandin (an ingredient that changes iris colour). The Revive7 ingredient list only uses high-quality natural ingredients in the serum formula.

Established and formulated in 2012. Revive7 includes a unique ingredient called myristoyl pentapeptide-17. It is a plant-based antioxidant peptide that is often recommended to stimulate hair growth at the follicle.

Benefits of using the Revive 7 Lash and Brow Serum

Revive7 is compatible and safe for eyelash extensions. It doesn’t contain alcohol and won’t loosen the eyelash extension adhesive. In fact, for those who have eyelash extensions  it’s vital to apply a lash serum to keep the natural eyelash roots healthy as the extensions can cause a lot of damage to the natural lash roots.


Revive7 Science has become a leader in the industry, because it prioritises clean and ethical beauty. Key benefits of Revive7 include:


  1. An innovative Formula containing Biotin & myristoyl pentapeptide-17
  2. Natural Plant-Based Ingredients, Cruelty-Free
  3. 7 active ingredients ONLY
  4. NO Prostaglandin or Paraben Used
  5. Custom Blend of High-Quality Natural Ingredients
  6. 97% of the users saw results within 21 days
  7. Not Greasy or Oily
  8. No odour smell of Alcohol or Chemicals
  9. Not Tested on Animals 


5 Tips for Long, Healthy and Beautiful Lashes

From diet to nutrient-packed serums, here’s everything you need to know. We put our lashes through a lot on a daily basis. These delicate hairs are constantly curled, lifted, tinted and even extended, yet it often comes as a shock when we see a few stragglers on our cotton pads or in bathroom sinks. If you’re struggling to lengthen and strengthen your lashes, it may be time to take a more holistic approach.


From strengthening supplements to lengthening serums, such as Revive7 Science’s award-winning Revive7 Lash & Brow Serum, here are five ways you can start growing healthier and longer lashes.

1. Lash serum

If you’re eager to speed up your lash lengthening process, but in a natural way, it may be time to try a lash serum like the Revive7 Lash & Brow Serum. This new product was the winner of the Best Clean Beauty category in the 2022 Beauty Awards and has been clinically shown to improve the health and volume of your lashes. This clean, Canadian-made formula is made with seven natural and active ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, collagen, biotin and pumpkin seed extract. They all work together to repair any lash damage and supply nutrients and protein to your lash hairs, hair follicles and surrounding skin. Within seven to 21 days, you’ll see that your lashes are healthier, stronger, more voluminous, and less prone to breakage. Just apply it once or twice a day to your eyelid line—it’s as simple as that.

2. Nutrition

Just like your skin or nails, what you eat may also have an impact on your lash health, so make sure your diet is rich in hair-promoting proteins, such as eggs (biotin). It’s also important to ensure you’re getting sufficient vitamins A, E and C through fresh fruits and vegetables. For an extra boost, consider taking daily vitamins or supplements, as well. Niacin (vitamin B-3) has been proven to help improve blood flow to hair follicles which encourages hair length and fullness.

3. Skip lash treatments

Beyond what you apply or consume, give your lashes a chance to grow by skipping any lifting or extension treatments. While these may scratch your instant gratification itch by offering quick results, they may also be damaging and delay your growth. While you’re at it, make sure to also give your lashes a break from mascara once in a while.

4. Use clean makeup

We’re not telling you to stop wearing makeup entirely, but you may want to put more thought into what you’re applying to your lashes. Try investing in higher quality and clean mascaras, they’ll be less damaging to your lashes and may result in more length and volume over time.

5. Use gentle makeup removal

Finally, treat your lashes with the love and kindness they deserve! Stop aggressively scrubbing or rubbing your makeup off every night. Instead, invest in gentle and non-irritating makeup removers and lather with love, not anger.

To learn more about Revive7 lash serum and how it can help you achieve healthier lashes and brows, contact The Lotus Institute on (07) 5509 4488.