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Breast Illness

”Miss Waters said she feels a responsibility to warn others about the risks associated with breast implants.”

Kate Waters

Kate Waters a former patient of the Lotus Institute Southport had her story told through Kids Spot and The Daily Mail.


Helping clients live a healthy and Happy life is something Dr Peter Widdowson at The Lotus Institute,is also passionate about.

We at Lotus understand not all patients will experience a reaction from breast Implants. Our Staff and Nurses are however, here to support and help clients that are suffering from these symptoms.

Our reception staff will help guide you to your consultation with Dr Widdowson. We understand clients are under an amount of stress when not feeling well and we aim to help ease this.

We advise filling in our question-air pre-op, post- op and 3 months post-op to monitor your progress.

Breast Implant News


Due to Current News on some Breast Implants, we encourage you to call our office if you are concerned with what type of implants you have.

Our lovely receptionist’s are happy to find your Medical History and report back to you with your information.

We do ask that you understand this sometimes can take some time,  especially with archived older files.

We advise regular breast checks and to see you GP if  you are concerned or unwell and follow medical instruction given to you.

If you do wish to see Dr Widdowson for a Implant check we are offering former clients a discounted rate for the appointment.

We recommend having ultra sounds and any relevant bloods with your GP’s referral prior to your consultation if possible.

Dr Widdowson advocates the use of Smooth Textured Implants and is well respected for his work in Explant, Enblocs and change over of implants

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