Are you struggling with the decision of breast implant removal (explant surgery)? It’s a path tread by many, yet each experience is profoundly unique. The concept of breast implant removal (explant surgery) can seem overwhelming.

With every step, questions and uncertainties can arise: What will my body look like afterward? How will I feel? The answers to these questions are crucial, as they shape your decision-making process.

This article illuminates the intricacies of breast explant, the reasons behind the choice of breast lift after explant surgery, and the nuances of the procedure itself. Read on to find out more about this process.

1. What is Breast Explant Surgery?

Breast explant surgery is a medical procedure to remove breast implants. The process involves the careful extraction of the breast implant along with any scar tissue that may have formed around it.

This procedure is distinct from breast augmentation or implant insertion. It focuses instead on safely and effectively returning the breasts to their natural state as much as possible.

2. Why Do Women Choose to Remove Breast Implants?

Women opt for breast implant removal (explant surgery) for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common motivations include physical discomfort or pain associated with the implants, changes in personal aesthetic preferences, or health concerns.

As women age or experience lifestyle changes, their perceptions of beauty and comfort can shift. This can lead them to reconsider their implants.

Physical discomfort, such as back or shoulder pain, can arise from the weight and positioning of the implants. Additionally, some women may experience medical complications like capsular contracture, where scar tissue forms tightly around the implant, causing pain and distortion.

Evolving preferences regarding breast appearance play a significant role. What once seemed desirable might no longer align with a person’s current self-image or lifestyle. Aesthetic changes over time, such as sagging or asymmetry, can also prompt the decision for implant removal.

Health concerns are another crucial factor. Women may experience symptoms attributed to their implants which lead them to seek breast implant removal (explant surgery) for relief. While not always medically substantiated, the choice often reflects a desire for a more natural state of health and well-being.

3. What Does Breast Explant Surgery Process Involve?

The explant surgery process involves a series of carefully executed surgical techniques. The primary goal is to remove the breast implant and any associated scar tissue safely and effectively. This procedure is often more complex than the initial implant surgery and requires the expertise of an experienced plastic surgeon.

Initially, the plastic surgeon makes an incision, typically following the lines of the original breast augmentation scars to minimise additional scarring. Through this incision, the plastic surgeon carefully extracts the implant and any hardened scar tissue, a process known as capsulectomy.

The method and extent of surgery depend on various factors, including the type of implant, the presence of scar tissue, and the individual’s anatomy. In some cases, additional procedures, such as a breast lift, may be recommended to enhance the breast’s appearance post-implant removal.

After the removal, the plastic surgeon closes the incisions with precision, aiming for minimal scarring and optimal healing. The entire process reflects a blend of medical expertise and aesthetic consideration to ensure not only the safety of the patient but also a pleasing outcome in terms of breast appearance.


4. What Are the Risks of Breast Implant Removal (Explant Surgery)?

Like any surgical procedure, breast implant removal (explant surgery) comes with its own set of risks. These can include infection, bleeding, and changes in breast sensation. Additionally, there’s the risk of aesthetic issues such as uneven breast appearance or scarring.

At The Lotus Institute, these risks are managed with the utmost care by our certified plastic surgeon. Our approach includes thorough pre-surgical assessments, the use of advanced surgical techniques, and meticulous post-operative care. We prioritise patient safety and are committed to providing clear, honest communication about potential risks and how we mitigate them.

5. What Can I Expect During Recovery?

Recovery after breast implant removal (explant surgery) varies for each individual. Generally, patients can expect some soreness and swelling in the initial days post-surgery. Most are able to return to normal activities after a few weeks, though full recovery can take several weeks.

At The Lotus Institute, we ensure you have all the information and support needed for a smooth recovery. Our team provides detailed guidelines on post-operative care, including pain management and wound care, to facilitate a comfortable recovery process.

6. How Will My Breasts Look Post-Explant Surgery?

After breast implant removal (explant surgery), your breasts’ appearance will depend on factors like the size of the implants removed, your skin’s elasticity, and the duration the implants were in place. Initially, there might be some sagging or shape changes.

For many, a breast lift after explant surgery is an option to enhance the breast appearance. This procedure can help lift and reshape the breasts to provide a more aesthetically pleasing contour.

7. Are There Alternatives to Breast Explant Surgery?

While breast explant surgery is a definitive solution for removing implants, there are alternatives depending on the individual’s needs and concerns. Options may include a breast revision surgery to replace or adjust the implants, or non-surgical treatments for minor issues.

8. How Do I Prepare for Surgery and What Follow-Up is Required?

Preparation for breast implant removal (explant surgery) involves several steps. You’ll be advised to stop certain medications, arrange for assistance post-surgery, and follow specific guidelines on eating and drinking.

Follow-up care is crucial for a successful outcome. This includes attending scheduled check-ups with your plastic surgeon, adhering to recovery guidelines, and monitoring for any signs of complications.

At The Lotus Institute, we provide comprehensive follow-up care to ensure your recovery is on track and address any concerns promptly.

Expert Care for Your Explant Surgery Journey

At The Lotus Institute, our certified plastic surgeon blends compassion with expertise to ensure your journey through breast explant surgery is as informed and comfortable as possible. Understanding the gravity of your decision, we employ advanced surgical techniques to focus on providing the best possible outcome.

If you’re ready to turn the page and start a new chapter in your life, book a consultation with us to discuss breast implant removal (explant surgery).