All cosmetic surgery at The Lotus Institute is performed by our qualified plastic surgeons with extensive experience in cosmetic procedures, assisted by a highly skilled team of friendly nursing and patient care staff.

We treat everyone equally, yet individually. No two people are identical so the post operative and procedures we offer take into consideration our patients’ unique and varying needs.

The nursing staff will look after your post operative needs after your departure of the hospital care. We recommend keeping your appointment’s for wound care and  recovery management to ensure your optimum recovery.

The Doctors will review your procedure and be aware of your personal recovery journey through a final review and regular consulting with the experienced nursing team.

At The Lotus Institute we pride ourselves on the highest level of care with highly experienced Registered Nurses.

Registered Head Nurse Beatrice has over 20 years experience specialising in operating rooms and post operation management. Beatrice, works alongside Registered Nurse Michele, who is highly trained in pain management. Both are truly compassionate and true professionals in their endeavors to help our patients make a speedy recovery.

We look forward to looking after you.