Breast augmentation involves placing implants in the breasts to enhance their size, shape and fullness. If you’ve been considering getting breast implants but don’t know the first thing about it — we’re here to help. There are many factors to consider when choosing breast implants, including the implant size, shape, texture and material. 

One of the most important decisions is selecting the right implant shape — the most popular implant shapes being round and teardrop. In this article, we will compare teardrop vs round implants to help guide your decision on which type of implant might best be suited for you. 

Teardrop breast implants vs round

Whether you’re considering breast implants for reconstructive purposes to correct congenital defects or to restore your natural breast size post-mastectomy, we’re here to guide you through the pros and cons of teardrop vs round, starting with round implants. 

Round implants 

As the name suggests, round implants, the most common type of implants, are circular and create a fuller, more pronounced look for your bust. They add fullness to the upper and lower part of your breast for more defined cleavage. 


  • Round implants offer a fuller and more dramatic look to the breasts.
  • They are less expensive than teardrop implants.
  • They are less likely to rotate after surgery, which can cause an asymmetrical appearance.


  • Round implants may appear less natural than teardrop implants, depending on whether it looks proportionate to your overall figure. 
  • They may not be suitable for women with very little natural breast tissue, as they can create a round, artificial look.
  • There is a risk of rippling for patients who may have thin skin, which can be visible through the skin.

Round implants may be ideal for women who desire a fuller look to their breasts. They’re also the better alternative for women with more breast tissue who do not require a significant amount of lift or shaping.

Teardrop implants 

Teardrop implants, also known as anatomical implants, have a more natural teardrop shape, with more fullness at the bottom of the breast and less at the top. Their oval shape has a natural slope and a textured shell to help prevent accidental rotation. 


  • Teardrop implants create a more natural look to the breasts.
  • They are less likely to ripple or fold, which can be visible through the skin.
  • They are ideal for women with little natural breast tissue or who desire a lift and shaping effect.


  • Teardrop implants are more expensive than round implants.
  • They have a higher risk of rotation after surgery, which can cause an asymmetrical appearance.
  • They may not offer as much cleavage as round implants.

Teardrop implants are well-suited to women who desire natural-looking breast augmentation, particularly those with little natural breast tissue or who require a lift and shaping effect.

Choosing between round vs teardrop implants

When deciding between round vs teardrop implants, you should be clear about your goals during your consultation with your surgeon. If you’re considering breast augmentation, ask yourself, what bothers you about your natural breasts? 

Rest assured, the decision between teardrop vs round isn’t solely in your hands. At The Lotus Institute, our highly trained and experienced surgeon, Dr Peter Widdowson, is a aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon with over 30 years of experience. He will help advise you on the pros and cons of teardrop breast implants vs round and what option best suits you, considering your body type and desired outcome. 

Women with a wider chest and more natural breast tissue may be better suited to round implants, while those with a narrow chest and little natural breast tissue may benefit from teardrop implants. Ultimately, your surgeon will help you decide which option is right for you. 

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