There are many different breast surgery procedures The Lotus Institute, on the Gold Coast can perform. Our goals are to give the patient the best possible advice and exceptional patient care.


A breast augmentation mammaplasty, or breast enlargement, is a surgical procedure designed to increase the size, shape or fullness of the breasts. Many patients will undergo this surgery for not only aesthetic reasons but also reconstructive medical purposes.

In the instance of a breast cancer, a mastectomy can be performed and as part of breast reconstruction a breast implant/s inserted into the chest to complete the reconstructive process. Another area where breast augmentation is used is for patients who have developmental abnormalities of the breast called tuberous breast. Implants are placed to complete the corrective process but also for symmetrising purposes.

A Consultation with our experienced Plastic Surgeon Dr. Peter at The Lotus Institute on the Gold Coast in Southport, is highly recommended to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure.


The type of implant and size will be discussed at your initial consultation. At a secondary complementary consultation, we will again reconfirm you implant choice prior to your surgery. This appointment allows time for us to verify the sizing and further requirements needed for your procedure.

In general, there are two types of breast implants – silicone gel or saline (made from sterile salt water). Silicone gel implants are more commonly used and available in round or teardrop shape.

It will be discussed with your surgeon at your consultation where the implants will be placed within the pocket of your breast tissue. They can be situated in two different positions relative to the breast tissue and the pectoral muscles that lies beneath or dual plane position which is: placing breast implants partially under both the breast gland and the pectoralis major muscle simultaneously


The recovery period from this procedure is an individual one, and you may experience affects from the general anaesthetic, some tightness in the chest area along with some general discomfort as your muscles adjust to the implants.

You will be given some pain medication and possible antibiotics post operatively.

You will require a carer for the first 24-48 hours as breast augmentation is performed under general anaesthesia and in most cases on a day surgery basis.

On the day of surgery, you will be discharged home with bandages and only in some cases depending on the individual, drainage tubes and will be back at The Lotus Institute within 48 hours after surgery for post operative care and removal of drains. At this time, you will have been given your post operative bra and the 2nd one optional for you at your first post operative appointment.

Our experienced Nursing Team are here to help you during your post operative period and this care is inclusive of your surgery costings.

Once your healing phase has begun and at the appropriate time during your wound care management, our Nurses will advise of scar therapies and gels available to assist with your scar healing.

A decision to have this procedure should be made when you are satisfied with the information you have received and believe that you are well informed.

To book your consultation for a Breast Augmentation Mammaplasty with our very experienced Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Peter Widdowson on the Gold Coast at The Lotus Institute in Southport, please call (07) 55094488.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should always seek a second opinion from a FRACS certified surgeon.