What is a permanent Filler ? When should I use Permanent Fillers?

This type of filler cannot be absorbed by the body.  I recommend trying a normal filler to see what look you are ready to commit to first.
I have seen amazing results with this type of product and satisfied clients with their transformations. If you are using Filler or a regular basis, this permanent option may be a better financial alternative.
All clients must be assessed that they are suitable for this procedure and Dr Widdowson our Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon here at The Lotus will have to approve before I commence the with the procedure.


How Long will Permanent Filler it Last? Can it be removed?

Permanent Fillers are like an implant in the body and can last 10-15 years.
Yes if reactions happen or you don’t like the outcome,  this product can be removed by a Surgeon or a Qualified Injector- dependent on the area treated.


Are there any risks with Permanent Filler? What qualifications/experience do you have?


Like any implants into the body – Yes there are risks. The product can result in swelling, bruising or infection like other injectables.
In some instances clients have an inflammatory response may occur. This happens in a rare 2% of clients.
I’m a registered Nurse with 18 years working with permanent Filler and 30 year’s experience working with Injectables. Also I have experince in training of Doctors and Nurses with Permanent Fillers.

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