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Executive Assistant

Nikki is Dr. Widdowson’s Executive Assistant and Office Administration Manager.

Nikki has personally acquired over 20 years of industry experience and knowledge, which she shares (and is forever updating) and making available to enable well-informed decisions. Nikki personally selects and mentors all Lotus staff for consistent service. This is what has made The Lotus Institute a great team today.

Nikki’s degree of commitment, care and attention leaves nothing more to be desired, at times going above and beyond to make sure each and every client of hers is well informed, important, feel safe and supported throughout their surgery experience.

Nikki is available to assist you, with your pre-and post-surgery requirements and bookings. As an excellent communicator and very experienced in managing clients and care providers, she understands pre-surgery needs (and fears). Nikki can certainly relate to the feelings the client may be experiencing from nervousness, anxiety and uncertainty to excitement about the prospect of having something done that they have been thinking about for many years. With sincere empathy and care the client is quickly relaxed and comfortable to embark on a comfortable surgery experience.

With a kind and warm heart, strong family values, innate sense of confidence and a bubbly disposition and personality, Nikki allows one to feel at ease from the moment they speak and connect with her.

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