People strive to achieve the ultimate skincare routine, one that can slow down the effect of time on their appearance. But everyone goes through the natural course of aging, which can reflect on the skin as it loses elasticity, brightness, and muscle tone, primarily on the neck and face. 

Some can experience premature aging due to environmental factors, stress, and a poor lifestyle, making one look and feel older than their true age. Other factors that can speed up your skin’s aging process includes the following: 

  • Sleeping habits
  • Diet
  • Alcohol and caffeine intake
  • Genes
  • Sun exposure and tanning
  • Smoking

Some of the most effective ways to preserve the smoothness and suppleness of your appearance are to undergo a Minimally Invasive Face and Cervical Elevation (MIFACE Surgery). 

What is a Minimally Invasive Face and Cervical Elevation (MIFACE Surgery)?

A MIFACE is a type of facelift developed by The Lotus Institute’s leading plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Widdowson, which aims to tighten the facial skin and reduce the visible signs of aging.

One of the biggest problems of skin aging is the lost elasticity and muscle tone in your face and neck; that’s why MIFACE surgery is not your ordinary cosmetic surgery since it’s designed to restore the tightness of your muscles and pulling loose skin all in one surgical procedure. 

What are the Benefits of MIFACE Surgery? 

1. Remove Double Chin 

Not all signs of aging appear as wrinkles, dark spots, or fine lines—some can find insecurity in their double chin, which isn’t restricted to weight gain. A double chin can also appear when the neck sags, so the folds can often look frustrating for many clients. MIFACE surgery can help tighten the skin around your neck and remove the excess skin. 

2. Reduce Deep Wrinkles

Wrinkles often occur due to a lack of collagen production as we age, but MIFACE surgery can help remove the fine lines that form between the nose and mouth, along with the deep wrinkles surrounding the mouth and chin. You can address the loose skin discretely since MIFACE is a facelift procedure that leaves no visible scarring. 

Where Can I Get a Neck and Facelift?

If you’re thinking of getting a MIFACE surgery, head over to The Lotus Institute. The Lotus Institute combines premium technologies with first-class care, helping us achieve our goal of excellence in plastic, laser, and cosmetic surgery. 

Our team of qualified plastic surgeons has extensive experience in cosmetic surgery. Book an appointment with us today!