Aging results from smoking, poor diet, sun exposure and hereditary traits, which become more evident as the years pass. Moreover, your skin won’t produce new cells as fast as before (as you age). As a result, your skin becomes less elastic and more prone to dryness.

This blog lists several proven natural beauty tips and anti-ageing skin treatments for beautiful skin later in life. Here are some of them:

Apply Sunscreen Daily

Using products with at least seven per cent zinc oxide and an SPF 30 or higher will help protect you against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. You should also reapply sunscreen every two hours when you’re outside and exposed to sun rays. Sun damage can cause significant changes to your skin, such as fine wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

Stop Smoking

Smoking produces harmful effects on your skin and entire well-being. Moreover, it prematurely ages your skin, making you look older than you are.

Eat Proper Diet and Hydrate

When your body receives proper nutrition from a good diet, it helps your body repair skin. In addition, making sure that you drink the recommended amount of water daily helps hydrate the skin from the inside out.

Avoid Sunbathing and Tanning Salons

In addition to using sunscreen, you should also stay out of the sun when it’s at its strongest, which is between ten in the morning and two in the afternoon. If you need to step outside, be sure to wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, protective hats and sunglasses. Sun damage can materialise as freckles, age spots and blotchy complexions.

Skin Treatments to Avoid Premature Aging

If your skin is showing signs of premature aging, here are some treatments you can have to address this issue:

1. Laser Genesis

This particular skin therapy is an innovative and technologically-advanced treatment that promotes vibrant and glowing skin in men and women. Skin conditions typically linked to premature signs of aging and sun damage can now be treated and help you regain a youthful appearance.

Laser Genesis can help you get rid of excessive redness, uneven skin texture, large pores and fine line wrinkles without risking unwanted side effects like bruising and excessive skin irritation. This procedure is scientifically proven to produce new collagen in the skin, especially when the recommended treatments, six in total and spread four weeks apart, are followed.

2. IPL – Limelight

The Limelight treatment, an intense pulsed light (IPL), is a new, non-invasive approach to skin rejuvenation. It improves skin tone and surface imperfections related to aging and photodamage. 

It is an ideal treatment for your face, neck and lower neckline that show signs of redness, brown spots and telangiectasia or tiny veins. Light brown spots, in particular, respond well to this treatment. It’s best to take up to three sessions to see visible results. If you have excessively sun-damaged skin, you may be recommended additional treatment.

3. Dermapen Skin Needling

Dermapen skin micro-needling or collagen induction therapy is a treatment for skin resurfacing that is effective for all skin types. Dermapen is an incredible treatment for rejuvenation, anti-aging, fine lines and wrinkles. It can effectively improve the appearance of all forms of scarring and pigmentation.


These treatments can help reverse significant and early signs of premature aging. Protect your skin by following recommended treatments and natural beauty tips that keep your skin in a youthful glow later in life. 

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