In keeping with their commitment to continually updating their knowledge and skills, our 2 Plastic Surgeons , Dr Widdowson and Dr Cronin attended the 24th Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Workshop over the weekend of the 21-23 Feb.
With the 2 main topics of Breast Surgery and Body Contouring Surgery ( especially after massive weight loss ) , they listened to 44 lectures on different techniques and tips presented by experts from England , Germany, Columbia and Italy.
Both our Drs have a special interest in these 2 topics and also attended , by invitation, a dinner and presentation on the latest 6th generation breast implants , Motiva .
These modern breast implants are used by both our Plastic Surgeons .
Valuable knowledge was gained by the Drs and they look forward to bringing these latest advances in these 2 important areas of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery to you .
To book a consultation with either Dr Widdowson or Dr Cronin, contact the Lotus Institute 5509 4488
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