Often as you age, you can start to develop certain attributes that you haven’t had before due to the skins natural aging progression. Whether it’s sudden brown spots or wrinkles forming, it’s understandable if you start to feel a little insecure about your skin.

Visible signs of aging can be a tough pill to swallow for some, especially when they’re still in their youth, early on. It is possible for such features to develop on your skin even before you’re in your 40s. If you want to change up your appearance and seem more youthful, there are several cosmetic procedures that can help.

Intense pulsed light or IPL treatment is one that stands out. Known as a “photofacial”, this procedure ensures that your skin can produce collagen, which allows your overall skin texture and pigment to even out. Results can vary, but it can be extremely effective in giving you back that younger-looking face. Aging can be such a wonderful thing, but the signs do not have to be seen in your skin.

Here’s how IPL can help out:

Lighten Sunspots

Sunspots often appear on your face and upper body in the form of little brown spots. They are a lot larger and more prominent than freckles, standing out significantly from your own skin colour. This feature, which is a product of uneven hyperpigmentation, is mostly developed due to UV exposure and staying out in the sun for prolonged periods.

IPL treatment, which uses light beams, focuses on the skin cells of the sunspots when targeted. As that area is lit, the skin cells causing the dark pigmentation is attracted and destroyed. The sunspots should lighten as the body recovers any lost skin cells. The new and generated tissue may be enough to fully eliminate the brown spots scattered on the skin.

Smooth Out Fine Lines

Fine lines and wrinkles are some of the first signs of aging that can develop in the skin. This can also come as a result of sun exposure, but other factors like genetics, weather, facial expressions and more. How much collagen your body produces can also influence the appearance of lines.

Some often don’t like how deep-seated the lines appear to be, but IPL can help in softening and smoothing them out. IPL’s main effect is to improve the collagen production of your skin. Once it kicks starts your cells, the skin should start to repair and start to look a little more youthful than before.

Lessen Facial Redness

Facial redness can be a little unbecoming, especially if it’s the condition of certain areas of your skin all the time where you don’t blush when using makeup or in some cases have a condition called Rosacea which cannot be cured with any laser or light source, however, its appearance can be improved.

Redness on the skin is associated with aging as blood vessels often start to become more apparent as people get older. IPL helps in neutralizing the colour in the same way that it does with the sunspots. Breaking down those significant tissues should reduce how red your skin looks.


IPL can be rather helpful in tackling different signs of aging. After a procedure, you’ll be able to enjoy your youthful-looking skin. Don’t forget to properly take care of your face and body so as to keep sunspots, fine lines and redness at bay.

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