The beauty industry has drastically evolved throughout the decades, with the emergence of new technologies pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Beauty may not be skin-deep, but the impact of performing cosmetic procedures on one’s external appearance is significant, profoundly affecting people’s lives. Refinements in surgical techniques have improved outcomes for the vast majority of patient concerns in varying different areas of the body.

“But what if I want to have multiple cosmetic surgeries at once?”

The Advantages of Combining Cosmetic Procedures

Many patients present with concerns in multiple areas of the face or body, which necessitate more than one type of procedure. Fortunately, it is possible to undergo multiple cosmetic procedures simultaneously. 

Less Time for Recovery

One thing about having multiple procedures in the one operation is in shared recovery time. Since you only need to undergo one surgery, you’ll have a single recovery period, as opposed to multiple recovery periods after each smaller procedure.

Reduce Overall Costs

Cosmetic procedures can be expensive, as costs include surgeon fees, anaesthetic fees, and hospital fees — sometimes totalling many thousands of dollars depending on the procedures undertaken. Undergoing several procedures in the one anaesthetic makes the process more time efficient, reducing the total cost significantly.

Considering the Safety Risks

Although there are advantages to having multiple cosmetic surgeries performed at the same time, it is not without risks. Before going ahead with combining surgical procedures, patients need to be aware of the potential risks associated with longer operative times.

Potential Complications

Combining multiple procedures necessitates a longer anaesthetic time and operative time. Longer anaesthetics can be associated with more nausea and overall down time, and longer operative times have been shown to increase the post-operative risk of complications such as infection, bleeding, DVT and wound breakdown. Your surgeon is the best person to discuss the percentage risk of any of these complications.

More prolonged and More Painful Recovery

Performing multiple procedures in the one operation may lead to a single, longer and more difficult recovery than doing multiple shorter, targeted procedures. Patients may require more pain relief for surgery in multiple areas, or even a period of in-hospital recovery. It may be longer before you are able to perform your usual daily activities, such as driving or working.


The ability to surgically alter areas of your body has certainly improved the confidence and self-esteem of patients. However, when patients present with multiple concerns requiring more than one procedure, they need to be aware of the benefits and risks associated with combining these procedures into a smaller overall number of seperate operations. Your Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon is uniquely trained and experienced in explaining and balancing these risks on a case by case basis.

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