People can enhance so many of their features. One of the more prominent parts of the face, like the brows, also has its own number of cosmetic procedures. Brow lifts, whether done surgically or non-surgically, can assist with improving the appearance of your face. Pairing it with other procedures like hairline reduction and eyelid surgery can bring forth a desirable result. 

However, just because the result is attractive doesn’t mean you should go through with the procedure immediately. There are several criteria that you need to review and assess before gaining a Plastic Surgeons approval to go through a brow lift. Here’s a guide to checking if you are a candidate for a brow lift:

Consider Your Age

Age isn’t the most important factor, but it’s best to start contemplating this aspect. Most brow lift candidates are usually in their 40s, 50s and 60s. While people in their 20s are 30s are also welcome to try the brow procedure, especially if they feel like their brows seem too heavy.

Worry lines in between the brows are often seen as signs of ageing, which is why they’re more likely to appear on an older person. However, such facial features can still exist due to a variety of reasons, such as genetics and frequent expressions. A low brow can appear as heavy eyelid skin, giving a tired look or even reduce vision.

Check Your Health

Any cosmetic procedure should involve an evaluation of your health, as certain treatments may cause unseemly effects if you have any underlying or preexisting medical conditions. 

This step of understanding your health is imperative to people who regularly smoke and drink, alongside those who are going through pregnancy. It’s best to ensure your overall well-being above everything else before going through with the procedure.

Look at Your Skin Quality

Skin is one of the most important traits when it comes to figuring out whether you’re a brow lift candidate or not. Having visible lines and sagginess in the brow area is usually because of less elasticity in our skin as we age.

Brow lifts remove the excess tissues that are causing the sagging, but it may not be a one and done solution depending on the problem areas you want to correct. Consult your Plastic Surgeon on how to best achieve the results you’re looking for while considering your current skin quality.

Seek More Information

The last thing about being a brow lift candidate is to be as informed and open-minded as possible during the consultation and actual procedure. Going into plastic surgery without no information as to what’s going to go on or the potential alternatives you could take wouldn’t be ideal.

Instead, do your research in advance. You may find different kinds of brow lift procedures that are less invasive that you would want to try out. Allow your cosmetic surgeon to educate you on the process and answer any queries about it.


A brow lift can be such a great way to ensure that your facial features are the exact way you want them to be, no matter what age you’re at. Interested in cosmetic procedures? The Lotus Institute in Australia combines superior technologies with first-class care to provide cosmetic, plastic and laser surgery. Get in touch with us today!