Proshock Ice Therapy (PSI) is a cutting edge treatment that is designed to reduce those unwanted pockets of excess fat and eliminate cellulite from the body. The treatment is offered by The Lotus Institute on the Gold Coast, which is the first cosmetic surgery in Queensland to use this revolutionary therapy. It is ideal for those looking to get rid of fat and cellulite from targeted areas in a quick, painless, and effective manner.

How Proshock Ice Therapy Works
Proshock Ice Therapy consists of two treatments that freeze fat cells in a specific area, and then shock the frozen fat cells, which contain ice crystals. This fragments the fat cells and the stored fats are released into the lymphatic system and circulated in the body.
Freezing fat cells through cryotherapy treatments has been available for many years however, unlike cryotherapy, PSI can be done within a 30-60 minute treatment session. A skilled operator moves suction cup around the area every 1-2 minutes and then immediately follows up with the Proshock gun. The gun gives as many as 1000 rapid shocks over a period of 5-10 minutes.
Similar technologies and treatments are used in other areas of medicine, such as breaking down kidney stones, and now this revolutionary way of targeting specific areas of the body is being used within The Lotus Institute.

The Benefits Of Proshock Ice Therapy

What makes Proshock Ice Therapy a better treatment option is that it is painless, quick, and effective. Patients will not be left with any bruising, and unlike with other treatments, there is no risk of cold burns. Studies show that results are visible after just 4-6 treatment sessions. Several
areas can be treated to reduce the amount of fat and the look of dimpling associated with cellulite. During the course of your treatment, up to two areas can be treated at the same time.

The Process Involved When You Choose Proshock Ice Therapy
As with any cosmetic enhancement therapy undertaken through The Lotus Institute, when you choose to undergo PSI you will have an initial, detailed consultation with one of our nurses who will assess your area of concern and determine the appropriate level of treatment for you.

They will also discuss your medical history, genetic background, lifestyle choices, and if you’ve undergone any other previous cosmetic surgery or therapy. The area that you would like to focus on is examined to assess your skin, fat, cellulite, and hydration levels. If you are happy to do so, the nurse will also take standardised photos for use in ‘before and after’ visuals.

If you are seeking an effective, painless way to eliminate fat from specific areas of the body, consider PSI therapy. It provides visible results without any bruising or pain. After just several treatment sessions, you will enjoy a smoother, slimmer look with no negative side effects.

Proshock Ice Therapy Promotion:

  • 1-4 Treatments $250 each
  • 6 Treatments  $1,400 (recommended)
  • 10 Treatments $2,300
  • For more information call us on (07) 55094488 or visit our website