Menopause, which officially begins one year after your last period, can bring with it some noticeable changes to your skin and hair. As hormone levels plummet, your skin can become dry, slack, and thin. You may notice more hair on your face and less on your scalp. With the right care and support from The Lotus Institute, you can lessen these effects.

With menopause your body stops making as much collagen. You lose some fat under your skin and your skin’s elasticity drops. That, combined with dryness caused by hormonal changes, can cause sagging – especially around the neck, jawline, and cheeks – and fine lines.

Perimenopause and menopause can lead to many changes, not just dry skin. Acne, wrinkles, and thinning skin can all show up around this time, making it hard to figure out how to care for skin.  A common menopause symptom is called a hot flush. A lack of estrogen can also make your skin itch or cause it to be more sensitive than usual.

How can we help? Skin treatments are available at The Lotus Institute to address a range of issues caused by hormonal / oestrogen loss. From skin care regimes, skin needling, wrinkle injections, fillers, laser and even surgical enhancements with our Plastic & Reconstructive SurgeonsDr Peter Widdowson, we have you covered!

At The Lotus Institute we offer a range of personalised medical grade skin treatments.  With every treatment we do a comprehensive analysis of your skin and create a bespoke skincare regime with recommended products and procedures to help you with your skin during menopause.

What’s next?
As an INTRODUCTORY OFFER for new clients of The Lotus Institute we are pleased to offer you a COMPLIMENTARY SKIN ANALYSIS and a 15% OFF your first purchase of any of the Synergie medical grade skin products.

Our service is discreet and our environment is totally relaxing. Some even say we’re more like
a five star resort than a clinic. Herbal teas and fragrant oils are just two of the small touches we employ to set the tone. Our patients are made to feel as comfortable as possible before, during and after treatment.

At The Lotus Institute we aim to make your experience one that surpasses your expectations. Talk to us today!

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